About us

Got an American musician hired by a German organisation for one date in France ?
Finishing up a few weeks’ artistic residency set to develop into something more long-term? ?
Organising a French tour of a performance bringing together artists from Argentina living in Japan and British technicians? ?
It is not always easy to know where to start… MobiCulture is here to guide you !

As a resource centre specialised in helping artists and culture professionals with the administrative aspects of coming to France, MobiCulture’s mission is to support your mobility to France. Feel free to contact us at any time, before or during your stay.

Venues, artistic teams, producers ?
MobiCulture equips you with the expertise you need make a success of your arts projects in France.

Feel free to fill in the following form to get a tailored response to your questions or issues.


MobiCulture is an On the Move network member and is the Mobility Information Point for France.

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