Insurance and everyday life

Repatriation, health, home insurance… should be checked before you leave to make sure that you will be well protected during your stay in France.

Health insurance

In some cases (see Social Security contributions), you may have to take out private health insurance in order to be covered for any possible medical expenses incurred during your stay in France.

Liability insurance

Liability insurance covers the costs of compensating for any damage caused to others by you, your spouse or partner or your children. It is often included with other insurance such as car insurance or home insurance (required if you rent accommodation from a private owner: home insurance insures your belongings in case of damage or theft).
Note: repatriation insurance is often required for visa applications.

Opening a bank account

Documents needed to open a bank account:

  • Proof of identity (passport, identity card).
  • Proof of address:
    • If you rent accommodation from an owner: the lease or an invoice (electricity, gas, telephone…) or a letter from the owner confirming your address, accompanied by his/her ID card.
    • If you are being hosted: a certificate from the person hosting you with a copy of his/her ID and his/her lease or copy of a household bill (electricity, gas, telephone…).
  • Any proof of income (employment contract, payslip, grant received, etc.).
  • If necessary, residency permit (or residency permit receipt) (for stays exceeding three months, excluding Europeans).

For more information: service of the French banking federation